Activation Period Problem

I have some seth2 waiting to be activated for staking and the duration is 19005 days. Is there a way to cancel this transaction?

I was providing liquidity with it then decided to just stake because I had my liquidity parameters setup wrong.

I just need my seth2 freed.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hey @DugLite ! Thanks for reaching out, just to let you know that I’ve pinged my dev team to look into this issue. It should only be a UI error, but let us investigate and we’ll get back to you asap :slight_smile:

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Quick update - the correct activation queue time should be showing as 1d 03h 10m. So don’t worry, you’re ETH is not trapped for over 50 years :wink:

We’re working on getting the UI resolved, but it is worth checking in around this time tomorrow to see if you are able to claim

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Sounds great. I can provide anything you may need.

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Hey @DugLite - if you reload the page then the UI issue should be resolved. Let me know if you are still seeing any issues your side.

Regarding your original question – we currently do not allow an exit from the activation queue. You will need to wait until you can claim your sETH2 and then un-stake manually, although I hope your journey with us will not be that short!

Please let me know if we can help any further – happy to run you through adding liquidity to our Uni pools if you are still interested. Our community will also be happy to assist with any questions you might have, feel free to join our Discord here:


I just reloaded the page. The activation time is now 1d 03h 10m.


Thank you so much.

I am not going anywhere for awhile.


I will probably add liquidity again. I just setup my original liquidity with the wrong parameters.

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Glad we could help :slight_smile:

Regarding the ETH-sETH2 pool, you will get the highest available SWISE rewards if you use the tightest range. Currently, we recommend 1 - 1.006 sETH2 per ETH.

On Uniswap it should look like the below, where you’ll require roughly 0.996175 sETH2 per every 1 ETH of liquidity.

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Got it. Thank you for your help.

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You’re very welcome. Let me know if you need any other help.

Best wishes, and have fun staking / farming!


Do you have the setting parameters to get the advertised yield for the rETH2-sETH2 pool and the SWISE-sETH2 pool?

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they can be found in Discord but also copying them here:

Recommended Pool Ranges for maximum APR

Best sETH2-ETH pool range

0.994-1 ETH per sETH2 or
1-1.006 sETH2 per ETH

Best rETH2-sETH2 pool range

0.998 - 0.999 rETH2 per sETH2 or
1.001-1.002 sETH2 per rETH2

Best SWISE-sETH2 pool range:

Set to 'Full Range'
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Got it. I tried looking for it but I am not real good at searching and finding things on the discord. Thanks for your help.