Anyone Else Having Issues Connecting MetaMask?

Hi all,

New member and excited to join the community. Only slight hiccup being that I’m getting the pulse of death on the pool deposits widget after I connect my metamask…

I’m so excited to join the project and the community, but if this is not an isolated problem this could become an onboarding issue for new leads.

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Hey @krongking - if you have any adblockers active, try disabling them. That usually helps with that kind of issue.

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Thanks @krongking for bringing that up.
If you can tell a bit more about your environment:

  • What browser?
  • Any Adblock type extensions installed?
  • OS?

Also, what’s the order of steps to reproduce it - that would be of a great help to identify the issue.

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Hi @tsudmi,

  • Chrome
  • No Adblock ext
  • Catalina

-> Enter site -> Reload url to engage metamask -> Action Deposit on Stake Widget -> Pulsing Death

Tried Am and pm GMT+1 but no joy either time

Was it just a one-time issue or it reproduces anytime you try to deposit?

Reproduces every time. Only have a two day sample though.

If there is no adblocker on your Chrome, do you have any other extensions that could interfere? Could you try accessing the Stakewise app through a Chrome incognito windows (you will need to allow Metamask to run in incognito mode).

Also, are you behind a firewall or corporate proxy server?