Can't access sETH2/rETH2 pool on uniswap

When I try to access liquidity pools, it gives me sETH2/ETH, but I don’t seem to have access to the sETH2/rETH2 despite seeing it available in the Stakewise app. Am I missing a step that’s not covered in the guide?

You’ll usually get a better result asking in the Discord ‘general’ channel, and maybe we can take any further questions there. But if you go to the sETH2/rETH2 pool url, do you see anything there?

Ah! I think the URL is just wrong in the guide. The guide for sETH2/rETH2 sends you to the ETH/sETH2 pool, but it should send you to this URL.. I hopefully someone can update it!

Good catch! I’ll pass it on to the authors.

Actually, could you point me to the URL of the page with the wrong pool linked? I’m not sure where in the guide I should be pointing the guys to.
Scroll down to the Farms section > rETH2 - sETH2
Click Guide > Add Position

It’s the first step that says “Navigate to Uniswap V3
sETH2 - rETH2 Liquidity Pool and select 0.05 % fee”