Change connected wallet

StakeWise was connect to my Coinbase Wallet, but that one got compromised. Can I connect it to a new wallet?

Hey yes you can! Make sure to transfer the tokens to another address to continue staking.

How do I do that then?

I mean, how do I transfer the tokens? Everything was stolen, except the rETHs, so how do I move them without sending them to the compromised wallet?

uhh so sETH2 was stolen as well? if that is the case, then your stake has unfortunately been lost :frowning:

Ah, so the rETH is linked to those then?

Your rETH is not directly linked to the sETH that was stolen. If you still have rETH in your wallet then you still own those. Where is your rETH currently held, in the compromised wallet?

Well, it does not show up in the wallet, but the compromised wallet is linked to the StakeWise account that holds the rETH.

Your wallet is bascially your ‘account’. If all the assets are gone from your wallet, including the rETH, then I’m afraid there is nothing you can do.

It is worth doubling checking whether rETH is still in your wallet though. Do you want to message me your wallet address so I can check? (Click on my name and select message)

I don’t see the option to message when I click your name…

Dude I just wanna say I feel your pain. I have been through “compromised” wallets and other things a few times. I hate the word compromised. Shit was stolen straight up by cowardly children.

Luckily, for me, that was many years ago now. I think about eight now. But still every time I think of those incidents I get that crap feeling in my gut.

I am really to sorry to hear this happened to you. I hope they did not get everything from you. I can really recommend a hardware wallet for your future endeavors.

Yes, it sucks. I’m normally a careful person, but they really caught me at the worst time. Will look into hardware wallet for sure now. Thanks!