Converting Treasury rEth2 to sETH2 to generate additional yield- SWIP

Greetings Stakewise DAO

Following up on previous discussions here: Utilize rETH2 in DAO treasury to Generate Yield - SWIP

I propose we take the remaining roughly 197 rEth2 in the merkle distributor and convert it to sETH2 to gain additional yield in addition to the about 182 sETH2 already in the Stakewise Multisig here:

Please share your thoughts below as this discussion will run in conjunction to snapshot vote lasting 10 days thanks for your thoughts and assistance!


Hmmm a few ideas I’ve had(Once V3 has started)
1)The DAO treasury as liquidity provider for osETH

  1. The DAO treasury buys SWISE from the open market to drive up price of SWISE and also becomes a SWISE insurance provider for vaults

  2. we diversify the treasury into various other investments(stables and such)
    Many things to consider going forward

(Copied from Discord to continue the discussion)

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