DAO Organization Thoughts

I read this tweet thread (and responses) here:

What are your thoughts?

My initial reaction is to make sure that we have a clear line of communication established between Stake Wise Team : DAO : The Bureau : SWAT Members (all in no particular order)

What are some other considerations that we should be mindful of when forming The Bureau?


I see a DAO more as a company. You own shares in a company, tokens in a DAO. Shareholders vote on directors, budget, compensation, etc… but there’s an executive (the directors) that run the daily business.

But then DAO has more flexibility, you don’t need to organize an annual shareholder meeting for instance, you can literally consult the DAO any time.

All this stuff is new, but I expect things to evolve over the next few years, where little by little we discover what works and what doesn’t.

But yes a fully flat organization likely isn’t what will work best.