DeWork Platform Overview


To help move the SWAT initiative forward and manage the workflow in an efficient manner, I thought I would do a quick rundown on DeWork, a new DAO tool that could be used by the SWISE Bureau in place of Trello. These are just my thoughts and I’m no DAO tooling expert so please feel free to critique and comment in any manner whatsoever.

What is DeWork?

DeWork is a project management platform that allows DAO’s to manage workflows and token payments on the blockchain. The platform was established in Q4 ’21 and has currently onboarded +100 DAO’s with ~120 bounties available for the Web 3.0 community to engage with (you can see these numbers on their website => The primary integration is with Discord and Gnosis wallet for signature and payment, following which the vote and the entire transaction is converted into an NFT and is available for download via OpenSea.


Having met with the team for a quick call, I was impressed at their level of commitment and willingness to help new DAO’s they onboarded. They have already helped DAO’s such as RedactedCaretel and OpenDAO by creating small projects such as dashboards in Discord, and are engaged and friendly in their overall approach. As a relatively small group of only 5 members right now, they’re well-funded and are aiming to scale their platform rapidly; part of this initiative involves incentivizing certain community bounties to improve their own platform i.e. DeWork platform itself (see Snapshot #1 below).

Workflow Process:

In order to understand the workflow process its important to understand the various roles of the members involved. As I understand it there are:

  1. The DAO Members:
  • They’ll each create a DeWork account and receive “Admin” privileges i.e. they can sign transactions via Gnosis and send SWISE funds to the SWAT members once tasks are complete)
  1. The Bureau Members:
  • They’ll each create a DeWork account and receive “Reviewer” privileges (see Snapshot #2 below) i.e. they can review various task and move them up and down the workflow process from “To Do” up to “Done” (see snapshot #3 below), following which the tasks will be “Pending Signature” by the DAO members.
  1. The SWAT Members:
  • They’ll each create a DeWork account and send their own tasks for the Bureau to review and, if accepted, these tasks will move up the workflow stack as the Reviewers accept that the task has been completed to the standard of the Reviewers (following which the DAO members will make payment*).

*When DAO members make payment, a window in Discord opens up to create a message with the person to whom the funds are distributed so they’re able to have a conversation confirming the correct amount of funds where sent to the correct address.

Snapshot #1:

Snapshot #2:

Snapshot #3:


Awesome overview! Thanks for sharing, @SaffaAbroad - I hope we can utilize this for the SWAT.


That’s the perfect use case for SWAT in my opinion! Thanks so much for explaining the flow as it could apply to StakeWise - was playing around with Dework myself over the weekend and had some blind spots that this answered. Helpful!

Do you think we should get in touch with their team about assisting with the onboarding process, or should we do this ourselves (perhaps with your assistance)? What do you think?


Yeah I actually asked them about the onboarding process (apologies I should’ve included in this info in the original post) and they said it was pretty straightforward.

So while we could have another call with them (they’re super open and transparent), I’d recommend we just get going tbh and then if there are any questions I can’t handle then we can reach out to their team.

I can also add you to our group on Discord as you’re likely most familiar with the DAO members and would [probably need to get their buy in/agreement to onboard to DeWork in order to get the ball rolling (setting up the DAO members in their Admin roles is where everything starts).

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This is great! Thanks for looking into this and sharing the details. Will be excited to explore using this for SWAT.