Digital Marketing Spend Allocation to determine ROI

I believe there is always a great reason to talk about Stakewise, the platform benefits, staking as a service and most importantly the community.

Now that many mainstream companies are delving into the crypto ecosystem exposure to this world has never been higher.

Digital marketing as proposed here is only a single vehicle for the Stakewise platform to reach these new comers and introduce them to the wonderful benefits and rewards of ETH staking.


  • Raise awareness of the Stakewise Brand and platform through targeted SNS digital marketing campaign.


  • Increase TVL by x% converting ETH holders to Stakers.
  • Introduce more people to Stakewise and raise overall brand awareness.


  • Initial ROI may be weak due to messaging and platform testing

Costs including investment appraisal

  • 1 time spend of 10,000 usd as test to be evaluated over 30 - 60 days.
  • Follow up spend and cadence to be determined by ROI.
  • Digital asset creation (Sourced through community?)
  • Campaign setup and management including performance reporting (Sourced through community?)

While I’d love to see Stakewise get some more visibility, and spend some money to do it, this seems pretty vague and pretty small to me. Who would spend this money and where? How much would they be paid? It seems like the core team could have been doing something along these lines already, and for whatever reason they’ve chosen not to. I don’t know how I would answer those marketing questions, so I’d have a hard time voting for a proposal like this as it now stands.

I might be receptive to a more specific proposal for designating a specific marketing manager and a list of 5+ likely places to spend marketing money. This would probably require a lot more money than you’ve mentioned, but I think that could be well spent. But… I’m not a marketer and someone who is could probably put together a better proposal.

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This is great feedback thanks so much.
To be honest I accidentally published this and had to quickly add some high level details. I planned to come back to it and beef it up with pretty much the answers to your questions.

I get the idea you cannot edit after a certain amount of time… so let me add some detail as a comment. If this gets too crazy I will consider creating a new proposal.

You are correct, 10k as proposed would only cover the budget for running the strategy.
Other costs would need to be accounted for of course.

For a small budget primarily aimed at:

  • Evaluating and benchmarking digital acquisition channels for platform conversion

Through such strategies as:

  • Keyword based search marketing
  • Targeted audience based campaigns through common SNS channels

We would be looking at hiring 1 digital marketing consultant over the period of about 20 hours per month the campaign runs.

to primarily:

  • Build an optimize the digital marketing campaigns
  • Identify high performance creative through testing

Such rates could be estimated between 70-100usd p/h.
There could also be an additional cost for ad creative but for the sake of this exercise let’s say the creative is sourced from the community.

So based on the this assumption in usd

Item hours Price p/h Total
Digital Marketing Consultant 20 100.00 2,000.00
Campaign Budget 10,000.00
Sum 12,000.00