Expand awareness of the StakeWise DAO by joining StakeWise Space on snapshot.org


StakeWise DAO uses the snapshot tool as part of the DAO voting mechanism.


Increase visibility of the StakeWise DAO by asking StakeWise DAO members to “Join” the StakeWise Space on snapshot.org


The ask - for those of you in the StakeWise community and participate in the StakeWise DAO (SWISE holders).

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 9.18.05 PM

  • Then click on the “Join” button

  • You will be asked to sign a message in your software / hardware wallet. Please note, there are no gas fees incurred for signing a message.

  • After waiting a while, you should be able to refresh your browser, and see the amount of members increase by 1 (since you joined) and the button will now say “Joined”

If you did this, feel free to respond to this thread indicating completion of this ask.

Thank you for your consideration!



It looks like there might be a bug in the UI as it’s not showing logo or member count. I tried Chrome and Firefox and both look like this:


I think the information should be fixed now. But agree the logo needs to be fixed.

Will let the team know, thank you for bringing this up. :slight_smile:

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