Extend StakeWise Labs operator with 200 keys


While the core team is finalizing the last missing parts to start onboarding new operators, we need to have some allocation of the validator keys for the existing ether to start staking.

I propose to extend the only node operator in the network, Stakewise Labs, with 200 more keys for the deposited ether to start staking.


  • DAO calls addOperator function of PoolValidators contract with the following parameters:

    • operator: 0x5fc60576B92c5cE5c341C43e3B2866eb9E0cdDD1
    • depositDataMerkleRoot: 0x6f7be760fb7bf7160300dde3214e2de28c9a4e409a15897d8cb3e1f1b7635d14
    • depositDataMerkleProofs: /ipfs/QmZEhxAhp4ymeoNZ6L3wdM2pxCAo9R8MJ8aa7hDG7Km3ZZ
  • If the proposal will be approved, the operator must perform the following steps:

    • Call operator-cli sync-vault or operator-cli sync-local with the same mnemonic as used for generating the proposal
    • Create or update validators and make sure the new keys are added
    • Call commitOperator from the 0x5fc60576B92c5cE5c341C43e3B2866eb9E0cdDD1 address
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Voting available at: Snapshot

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Exciting to see we need new operator keys!

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