Farm Swise daily reward time slipping

It appears that the daily execution of the farm rewards is consistently not happening every 24 hours. If I understand correctly, there is something like the Oracles having trouble completing their tasks on time.
I am just curious if the delay is causing us to miss out on rewards? Or if the calculations do not care when they are executed, but pick up all accumulated rewards up to the time of execution all the way back to the last time of execution?

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The delay will not cause you to miss out on rewards - it will be cumulative since the last vote.


Hey @blakevh thank you for posting the question and thinking about this. As @brianchilders mentioned, the delay in oracle votes doesn’t cause users to lose any rewards, but they do indeed receive them later.

Frankly, the oracle system has not been running smoothly in the past few weeks, mostly because of external dependencies. We are working on improving the system, and will update the community once we have rolled out the update.


I can’t get any information, is this a procedural requirement?
there is a weakness in management?

I’ve noted this issue many months ago, and reported it to the team at the time.

The number of blocks between reward calculations isn’t always 24 hours, time between blocks varies (at least in ETH1.0). In my view, as we lose nothing due to this slippage (as mentioned by @brianchilders above) I honestly don’t think it’s worth spending any dev time on trying to tune this. Just see it as a little quirk.

Other issues with Oracles not reporting on time, or reporting different results, are more problematic, as they can sometimes result in significant delays far beyond a little daily slippage. Those do warrant dev time to resolve.

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To build on what @ottodv stated - regarding Oracles reporting on time –

A community built monitoring page has been built - I will probably formally socialize this in the next day or two on twitter/Reddit soon, but the link is here: StakeWise Oracle Status Page

I will say that this is something operationally that I keep an eye on - as it is important to ensure that we don’t go beyond a little daily slippage. With this monitoring page, we can quickly assess if there’s a problem and what to do about it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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