I’m not too familiar with all the fees when it comes to with drawls. has anyone experienced this?

hey, do you mean the fees on the swap between the tokens and ETH/GNO? if so, the liquidity pool commission is applied to every swap, the providers of liquidity earn it.

What I mean is, I made a deposit into pledge pool for two months. I then had to pay a tax on the profit, pay a fee to the fund management, then a pledge advance minor fee, and now I am asked to pay a wire transfer fee. After each fee I was told it would be released immediately, then 12 hours and then another 24 hours. Please explain

It’s been a few weeks and I still haven’t received an explanation.

hey I believe you are being scammed by some impostor service pretending to be stakewise. we never charged the fees you mentioned, let alone asked for a wire transfer by our users. please get your money out asap if you still can ! @brybry