(Flash Vote) Grant StakeWise DAO Multisig Permission To Upgrade Smart Contracts

The StakeWise team has discovered a small but consequential bug in the recent contract upgrade related to rETH2, where the total supply of rewards can be less than the sum of individual user positions. No funds are at risk.

Still, this bug needs to be fixed. There are two alternative courses of action:

  1. The fastest way to eliminate the bug is to grant permission to the StakeWise DAO multisig to urgently upgrade the contracts. The expected turnaround is about 24 hours, with almost no noticeable delay in the timing of rETH2 rewards update. This is the proposed course of action by the StakeWise team.

  2. The alternative route is to create a Snapshot proposal with on-chain execution to upgrade the contracts through a formal DAO vote. This route will take approximately 144 hours. In the meantime, rETH2 rewards will not be updated.

This Flash Vote Snapshot (12 hour duration) aims to establish the DAO position on following through with the suggested course of action (granting the DAO multisig the permission to upgrade the contracts). Vote Yay or Nay.

Link to the vote: Snapshot

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You’ve got my support to resolve with option 1.

Thank you for transparency.