How to get the rETH2 coins

I started staking a few days ago. I have a very basic question.
I do see rETH2 being rewarded in the monitoring since after the first day.
I do not find the rETH2 in the wallet that received the sETH2 coins when the staking did start.
How should I expect to get the rETH2 coins?
What are the conditions? For example should I wait a certain time? Or a certain threshold to be reached.

Thanks for any help!

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hello @surikame - welcome to StakeWise!

The rETH2 tokens are actually in your address so no further action is necessary. You probably are confused because you don’t see the tokens in Etherscan - this is normal because they are not explicitly transferred to you and instead their balance for your address is updated within the contract through an oracle, which means Etherscan doesn’t pick up on it when you look at owned ERC-20s.

To actually check the balance of rETH2 your address holds on-chain, enter your address in the ‘balanceOf’ section here: $4,703.25 | StakeWise Reward ETH2 (rETH2) Token Tracker | Etherscan

Let me know if this helps!

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Thanks this works!

I get the balance multiplied by 1E18 which should be just the right unit.

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As an additional side note to what Kiri has posted above: Depending on your wallet, you can make rETH2 show up by following these instructions:

Metamask, for example, will show your rETH2 after you enabled it as described in that link.


Here’s a video walkthrough of how all this works together @surikame

Hope this helps!