How to improve the Coinbase wallet integration

From personal experience i know that the coinbase wallet integration is a bit buggy. Which, as far as i understand is due to the coinbase wallet. The way signatures work, the inability to add rETH2 adress…and so on.

The sad thing is, i chose to stake with the coinbase wallet simply due to the fact that it was a name i knew and it conveyed security due to brand recognition. I’m sure i’m not the only one. And the integration of the coinbase wallet is a great way to make staking more accesible.

Sadly, the user experience is…underwhelming.

So, to brainstiorm a bit. What can be done to push Coinbase for a better integration?


Not sure you can push Coinbase to do anything. Our best bet is probably educating users, maybe list the drawbacks of using the Coinbase wallet right on the SW homepage / app page and point users to the built in functions of the SW app to transfer funds (directly from the app).


I think we can work on several fronts here:

  • Users - open tickets with CB to raise the issue of failed transactions when trying to update anything in the profile page. I believe there must be a fundamental issue with how CB wallet acts in such cases, and the issue is not limited to StakeWise.
  • Team - consider finding ways to let users update their preferences without requiring to sign a transaction.
  • DAO - list the liquidity pools for both tokens, making their inclusion into Coingecko and Coinmarketcap imminent. This solves the issue of tokens now showing up in Coinbase and other wallets that source information from these aggregators.

Thank you for bringing this up - it seems we have plenty of users staking from CB wallet, and improving the experience for them would be a big win for the protocol. I encourage you to press this repeatedly, and will do so myself too.

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I think this could be a good workaround, but then why list CB wallet as one of the connection options anyway? Maybe if we cannot offer immaculate support for something, we should drop it, or work until we do. I’d prefer the latter and will push this higher on the development team’s agenda :slight_smile:

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This is something we need to fix. Coinbase wallet is very widely used and we need to support their way of signing messages. Their wallet is based on the WalletLink project and I’ve raised this question to them here:

We need to dig into why the signatures you get from WalletLink are different from the ones you get from MetaMask and start supporting them.


Maybe, but you’re missing a whole democrafic that has ETH in their Coinbase wallet and wont (or can’t) move it to another wallet. Jumping to another wallet at these GAS prices really hurts. I was considering moving to another wallet, but i’m not moving until the GAS price drops significantly.
I paid approx. 30USD to move my ETH into staking.

Sadly, the shortcomings are only visible after you try to stake from the wallet.

Done that. But i won’t hold my breath. Thei’re quite busy.

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Excellent. Perhaps we could leverage our network to find the people who solved this problem before and ask for their advice, to expedite the process? I can think of several people who have built DApps that might help us. Let me know whether this could help and I’ll reach out to them.

@George I agree with you on both points - wouldn’t count on them fixing this, and wouldn’t remove support for CB considering the widespread usage of that wallet. The ball is in our court to fix this.

Closing this topic since the issue was fixed in one of the updates and tokens will appear in CB wallet once the Coingecko listing is completed.

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