I think I did something wrong... by accident

Hi, I am very new to Eth and stuff and tried to transfer 0.07 sEth2 from my Stakewise to my Coinbase. It says the transfer has been done in 12 sec. but now I cant find it in my coinbase account. I think I had to transfer it just to my wallet, but now it’s just nowhere… Can someone explain?

hey @Sven_Max, unfortunately it is not good news - sending unsupported ERC-20s to Coinbase instead of the Coinbase Wallet will lead to your tokens becoming inaccessible. You need to plea with Coinbase Support to send it back because otherwise you won’t see these tokens again unless sETH2 is integrated into the exchange (we’re a long way from there).

So please approach their support asap and make sure you tell them how important this money is to you and how grateful you would be if they could help you. I hope they will be responsive.

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@kiriyha Thanks. I already sent an email to Coinbase Support. Hope they’ll be able to fix it, otherwise it’s just sad that my money is gone. But now it is just in some random wallet I believe (no other transactions in that wallet) so fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Indeed! Please keep me posted :pray:

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