I want my eth back, been staked for nearly half a year

Ands it generated jack, correction: 49cents 6months for 49cents?! I’m feeling scammed atm and would just like my ETH returned to my wallet.

Hey! We have no control over the APR, so if your total earnings are 49 cents, then this must be a reflection of the size of your deposit. Sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the profit you made - you can unstable by swapping sETH2 into ETH via Uniswap V3: Uniswap Info

When they started to collect ETH staking - APR they were mentioning 9% and after about 20 months there is not much accumulation of reward. Kiriyha and his team is only making money here for themselves. They are scam and just giving you pennies out of your investment. My reflection of deposit is more than $2000 and its generating APR of $0.25 to $0.40. (Really)

Hey Ronni, I don’t think we deserve such strong language, especially when the mechanics of our protocol are clearly described online. We pass on 90% of the earnings users generate with their ETH - it’s coded into the smart contracts and cannot be circumvented, so your scam allegations are baseless. As for the reduction in APR, please familiarize yourself with the dynamically changing staking yield in response to the amount of ETH staked in the network. It is going to continue to fall for as long as the total amount of ETH staked grows. This was clearly communicated in advance, so once again, please watch your language.

To address your claim of receiving only 49 cents on the $2,000 stake, please provive your wallet address so I could check what is going on. Many thanks.

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Hey - we have some documentation in place to withdraw from StakeWise Solo - please see this here: Exit Solo validator - StakeWise

If you need help with any of the steps, please do not hesitate to ask for further assistance.


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