[July '23] SWISE Allocations for Uniswap Pools


Claim 3,800,000 SWISE from DAO vesting contract 0xF0d99D5d1D5E06CdAd4766503Cb82213B5E1d1bE

Distribute the following SWISE allocations to the pools for 30 days (199385 blocks):

  • sETH2/ETH - 3,000,000 SWISE
  • sETH2/rETH2 - 300,000 SWISE
  • sETH2/SWISE - 500,000 SWISE

Note the amount of proposed rewards is unchanged compared to last month.

Vote Yes or No for this proposal.

Link to the Snapshot: Snapshot

As the vote almost draws to an end and I noticed a few significant votes against the proposal, I wanted to address the reason for why the team stands behind continuing the incentives for the tokens that will soon become obsolete.

From our perspective, StakeWise is a liquid staking protocol that has at least one main function: to allow stakers to enter and exit from staking at any time. The liquidity that the protocol’s tokens enjoy on Uniswap is a result of incentives paid out to the LPs. Even today, the team is in contact with parties looking to add yet more liquidity to the StakeWise pools, contributing to the staking pool in the process. This would not be possible without the SWISE incentives this vote aims to continue paying out. Therefore, it is the team’s (rather certain) position that the incentives must continue, hence the vote.

With that being said, we see the side of folks who vote against the proposal, considering new incentives wasteful. The protocol has been in a somewhat neutral state while preparing for the V3 deployment, and it might feel like nothing is happening while more SWISE hits the market, potentially hurting the demand-supply dynamic. Regarding this, I can only say that the cooking part is done and we’re now ready to serve.