Kutara Prater node operator proposal [Febuary 2022]


  • DAO calls addOperator function of PoolValidators contract with the following parameters:

    • operator: 0x3f9Fe86a44789fD687f84d5a1b9C314664D815f8
    • depositDataMerkleRoot: 0xb06d6ba3f1e6cb4d12bf01fa7bdef7b9abe568d20f5bcbb720442621e0473ea8
    • depositDataMerkleProofs: /ipfs/Qmefe2LvFYaeUw8ZVwoT9AUy4Med3yjLH3aaeuVEg99LaL
  • DAO calls setOperator function of Roles contract with the following parameters:

    • account: 0x3f9Fe86a44789fD687f84d5a1b9C314664D815f8
    • revenueShare: 5000
  • If the proposal will be approved, the operator must perform the following steps:

    • Call operator-cli sync-vault or operator-cli sync-local with the same mnemonic as used for generating the proposal
    • Create or update validators and make sure the new keys are added
    • Call commitOperator from the 0x3f9Fe86a44789fD687f84d5a1b9C314664D815f8 address

I originally posted about a week or two ago, but wanted to make some infrastructure additions before entering the test-net. Some specifications of our DC

  • 3 Gbps/1 Gbps Redundant outbound network
  • 10 Gbps Network backbone and on storage/master nodes
  • Multi-arch ARM64/AMD64 for energy efficiency
  • Prolific monitoring and observability
  • TalosOS for immutability and security.
  • Off-site encrypted backups
  • Redundant and dual feed power lines

Given our specification I would like to use the testnet to evaluate our family owned organization as being a validator for Stakewise! During this period we will perform various chaos engineering tactics to make sure we ensure uptime, we can safely update, and we can mitigate risk for the unexpected. I would also love to help contribute to the helm charts where possible!


Thank you for sharing your proposal to be a node operator. The StakeWise DAO is looking forward to hearing about your testnet experience. :slight_smile:

Look forward to hearing about your chaos engineering results as well as your update processes and your contribution to the helm charts where possible :slight_smile:

Best wishes,