Name of the node operator: Launchnodes
Location of headquarters: USA
Network: Ethereum; Gnosis Chain
Revenue share percentage requested: 30%


We were founded in 2020 by a team of friends who have worked together for 20+ years. We all believe that blockchain technologies - and Ethereum in particular - will transform the world. We want to help as many people as possible to be part of this transformation.

We now have a global team of around 30 incredible engineers, who love testing and running nodes at scale across the world. We have Launchnodes’ dedicated servers across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the US - and are partners with the major cloud providers. We focus primarily on Ethereum, however customers have requested that we help them run nodes for many other PoS blockchains. We now do this for individual and institutional clients across more than 15 countries.

Following the Merge, we are scaling up our operations, and would love to become a StakeWise node operator. We are very active within the crypto and blockchain community and keen to be part of StakeWise’s broad family of operators.


We really appreciate your time in finding out more about Launchnodes, our values and our operations - looking forward to discussing more with you online and in real life!


[email protected]