MEV Boost Relay List

This thread is not to debate censored or uncensored relay lists.

This thread is being made to collect from the community potential relays that the DAO could vote for inclusion.

At a minimum please consider providing the following information:

  1. Relay link
  2. If you know if it’s sanctioned or unsanctioned
  3. Link to the operator / group that runs it to understand more about them

I’d also like the community to chime in to see if there’s any other information that should be provided.

Again, not to debate sanctioned vs. unsanctioned. The goal here is to get a working list.

The following links are to the docs for the flashbots relay and the bloxroute relay.

The former is OFAC compliant. The latter has 3 different relays which are described in the docs, one of which is completely uncensored.

A third relay has been mentioned in the Eth R&D discord, but from memory it was not going to be ready for the merge. Also I haven’t been able to locate the details.

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I am going to reference this list as well which has a nice table – forgive the source it is still good information and is actively growing

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For completeness this is the third relay that I was thinking of, although it’s mentioned in the list posted above.

It is apparently not censored.

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VeriHash went live on mainnet today with these relays:

https://0xac6e77dfe25ecd6110b8e780608cce0da[email protected]

https://0xb0b07cd0abef743db4260b0ed50619cf6[email protected]

https://0x9000009807ed12c1f08bf4e81c6da3ba8[email protected]