[PASSED] StakeWise Liquidity Committee (SLC)

The DAO vote to implement the StakeWise Liquidity Committee is now live. Please ensure you are familiar with the proposed structure of the committee and the proposed committee members before voting.

Do you approve the creation of the SLC with its roles and members as summarized below?

Link to Snapshot


  • Be the driving force behind StakeWise DAO’s liquidity strategy for Mainnet and crosschain/L2s, advising the DAO on the latest developments and proposing strategy updates.
  • Monthly budget request and proposal to transfer SWISE from the DAO Treasury to the SLC Safe for the upcoming month’s liquidity needs.
  • Autonomy to deploy incentives budget across the various bribing markets / AMMs according to the DAO-approved liquidity strategy.
  • Monthly reports on the state of the DAO’s liquidity and how capital is allocated for incentives.

SLC Community Signers

  • Figue - 0x009d13e9bec94bf16791098ce4e5c168d27a9f07
  • Archer - 0x336852d9EA06dE896FBB32CD88243d4cBd45bA5B
  • Matthew Graham - 0x0306C7361Fd9Ff1c6Aa0aC113fd7D0cC163966C9
  • Rhett Shipp - 0x7AfAB8a8b8C6B6c5c2Bb1035e64C2d4f7f84E299
  • 0xWenMoon - 0xb4390019Bff98aA112eAf93A91Ef5d9653e24C7a

SLC Team Signers

  • Kirill - 0xB0F43AB7a9c1bB461be8242d2C7DE0A21dAF8377
  • Dmitri - 0x61B01a33Aea3e827B3941Ab097778bd3FA48a332
  • Jordan - 0xf052e0df010819602F0B22a7cB600E33FFc91358

Thank you all for voting on this proposal. The SLC safes have been created and tested, their addresses are as follows:

SLC Master Safe: 0x189Cb93839AD52b5e955ddA254Ed7212ae1B1f61
SLC Team Safe: 0x2685C0e39EEAAd383fB71ec3F493991d532A87ae
SLC Community Safe: 0xDb14C8bc1a98B6c79A2BD7d9fE1fc71437970704

Recall that the Safes are configured as such:

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