Prolong Incentives for Various StakeWise Pools on Uniswap V3 [March 2022]

The snapshot for this month is now live: Snapshot

Prolong the incentives for sETH2/ETH, sETH2/rETH2 and sETH2/SWISE pools on Uniswap V3 for 30 days (199385 blocks):

  • 5,000,000 SWISE goes to the sETH2/ETH pool (0.3% fee)
  • 500,000 SWISE goes to the sETH2/rETH2 pool (0.05% fee)
  • 500,000 SWISE goes to the sETH2/SWISE pool (0.3% fee)

Total SWISE allocation towards liquidity mining campaigns in March 2022: 6,000,000 SWISE


I’m in! Let’s Go! Thanks @Jstar for getting the proposal going to get this out the door!