SCAM Stakewise V3 warning and request for help

Dear stakewise team/community, I believe I did something very bad…
There is currently this proposal open: Snapshot
I thought this is the official DAO site and the entries are legit… but apparently this was put in by a random scammer. It says there is Stakewise V3 live for testing, but the URL is not really .io instead the links go to .in… I then ask too connect the wallet and sign some value, which I confirmed without thinking about… Now I see on chain tokens were transfered: $2,060.56 | StakeWise Staked ETH2 (sETH2) Token Tracker | Etherscan
through multiple wallets, Uniswap etc… fuck
Sorry for the choatic writing, I m still shaking, almost 12000$ is a lot of money… I don’t know what to do now… any help would be very appreciated, I know revcovering any funds now is very hard now…