Stakewise Galxe Campaign


The topic of Galxe campaign came up in the last office hours as well as in SWAT Bureau meeting notes. IMO it’s a very good way of spreading the word about Stakewise and the upcoming V3 launch. Glaxe has established a solid reputation for Web3 community building services and is very popular in the recent months.

What’s Galxe?

TL;DR it’s a place, where you can earn rewards (NFTs, tokens) for completing tasks (credentials). Mostly it’s about Twitter, Discord, Telegram followers/users growth.
It’s been used by many top projects such as Optimism, Stargate Finance, zkSync. You can read about some of them here: Galxe’s End Of Year Recap 2022. where we were, where we are, & where we… | by Galxe | Galxe Blog | Medium

I’ve been following Galxe campaigns for many other projects and there are a few possiblilites to explore.
This is an example of a campaing for Stakewise:

Galxe Campaign 1:
Tasks (credentials) ideas:

  1. Follow Stakewsie on Twitter
  2. Like and retweet (for example a post about V3)
  3. Join Discord and get member role
  4. Join Stakewise telegram
  5. Visit (one OAT for the 5 tasks above)
  6. Stake 1 ETH (extra OAT)
  7. Hold 1000 SWISE (extra OAT)

The eligible users who have successfully completed the Stakwise Galxe Quest can claim these special Galxe OAT NFTs. Among these NFT holders, the lucky (number of winners) will receive the prize pool of $xxxx worth of SWISE tokens. The more tokens you hold the better chance of winning. Good luck!

Example 1 1000$:
20 x 50$
50 x 20$
100 x 10$

Example 2 1000$:
1st prize: 400$
2nd: 250$
3rd: 150$
4th: 100$
5th: 50$
6th: 20$
7th-10th: 10$

Additional cost:
Usually the campaign owner provides a set amount of tokens (ETH/Matic) to cover for the gas fees of minting OATs. It should be better to use Polygon for example as the fees are lowest there. OATs can then be verified on Polygon but the prizes can be distributed on the mainnet.

My observation is that the campaigns with token prize pools are much more popular but some of them only offer NFTs and OATs without any added tokens. We can discuss both options.

I only have user experience and haven’t created any campaings yet so if anyone has valueable information please share. I will be happy to work together with the team to set up the campaign if this idea gains traction.

What needs to be discussed is the type of campaign we want to launch and also the budget for it (both of which could possibly be voted for through snapshot).


hey @shoque88 thank you for the write-up and for the initiative! totally agree with you that Galxe can be a powerful tool that we must utilise for marketing. I am totally for running a campaign on Galxe (or a similar solution) with the goal to drive more interest and participation to stakewise v3. it will take me a few days to write-up my suggestion for this (re what campaign we can run, what rewards we should give etc.) but I will share it here once completed :slight_smile:


I have some additional thoughts for this discussion:

The StakeWise Community NFT
The community NFT reflects your participation in the community.
IMO there shouldn’t really be any specific conditions for a person to be able to mint.
It can be a part of the Galxe Campaign.
It doesn’t need to have any special utility but may as well acquire some with later ideas.
Should be unlimited in terms of number of mints.
Free mint, gas paid by the user (exceptions below).
The art for this NFT can be a result of a fan art contest.

Fan art Contest
I propose to organise a fanart contest.
Not everyone is a skillful artist but anyone has imagination. AI makes chances equal.

Anyone can apply one image.
Images can be drawn or generated (or maybe generated only?)
For generated images we need to know the tool and the prompt (which will be revealed to the public as a learning material).
If we get a ton of applications, the Bureau and Team can select 5(4? 3?) finalists.
Of the 5(4? 3?) finalist the winner is decided by a DAO vote.

The winner gets:

  • SWISE prize
  • gas rebate for minting any of the StakeWise NFTs (up to a certain amount)
  • mention in the community NFT description
  • special Discord role (@AI-tist maybe?)

First runner up gets:

  • smaller SWISE prize
  • gas rebate for minting any of the StakeWise NFTs (up to a certain amount)
  • special Discord role (@AI-tist maybe?)

Second runner up gets:

  • the smallest SWISE prize
  • gas rebate for minting any of the StakeWise NFTs (up to a certain amount)
  • special Discord role (@AI-tist maybe?)

Anyone who participates gets:

  • gas rebate for minting the community NFT (up to a certain amount)
  • special Discord role (@AI-tist maybe?)

All socials should be used to promote the contest.
The contest can be a good trailer to the upcoming Glaxe campaign.
New section should be introduced to Discord, where ppl can share ideas, tools and showcase their sketches.
After the contest is over, the fan art section should remain open and can be extended with #meme #art #AI-generated sections. This should create additional space, where community can hang out within StakeWise Discord.

Example (5 minutes of prompting using MidJourney):

Excellent post and great initiative @shoque88 !!

I think this is a great idea to complete the tasks and a great way to boost engagement. I also recommend we try to do some basic metric tracking (# of campaigners, etc.).

I think start with this campaign because it is simple and then once there is more engagement, you can have a art contest (you want to save this one once the community is more active to get a decent amount of contestants).

Curious to see more finalized rewards and numbers.

okay so after plenty of consideration here’s what im thinking:

  • We set up a Galxe space ahead of the public testnet release and launch the first campaign aimed at boosting our testnet announcement visibility and support other content releases. The idea is to get people engaging with our posts to spread the word wider than we could on our own, and to continue doing it as more stuff is published.
    Goal: get ahead of the algo to deliver the news of our testnet launch to as many people as possible; don’t expect new users from this, just leverage the power of the crowd to get more views.

  • We launch an Ambassador Program as a campaign on Galxe, allowing people to claim points and special NFTs and enable their participation in raffles of $1,000s of dollars throughout the testnet period. Then we phase in the “Evangelist” reward as we go along to empower those who are very knowledgeable about the platform to continue spreading the word about it / explaining it to others / answering questions. Completing all campaigns and getting an Ambassador role will get people a unique NFT and StakeWise merch. We actually are already working on the NFTs - they will not be the ultimate reward, but just a nice touch on top of the monetary rewards provided.
    Goal: get more volume of testing for the testnet and squash any bugs that appear, generate more feedback on the platform’s experience, and appreciate the people willing to do evangelism work for StakeWise. Again, probably unlikely that we get too many new users this way, but it’s a good way to test thoroughly, and reward perhaps 10 or so people who are / become core supporters of the protocol.

  • Review the results of these campaigns and reflect on what worked and what did not, experiment with other platforms like Gateway, Tide, Rabbit Hole etc to pick the platform for an ongoing Loyalty Program where the most active & engaged community members / users are rewarded with more influence and perks.

Great, looks like we have a solid foundation for this campaign.
Will it be necesarry to take this through a snapshot vote?
Also, I’ve noticed that within Galaxe it’s very popular for projects to launch cooperation campaigns.
I don’t know if there are plans to introduce StakeWise to Eigen Layer but such a cooperation would be great IMO also in terms of a joint campaign.
Finally, another platform that caught my eye within the space of web3 marketing is questn ( and I noticed that layer3 hasn’t been mentioned yet either (Quests - Layer3) and I think it has a lot of potential due to it’s very friendly and gamefied interface. It’s literally fun to use it. You may want to check it out later.

questn and layer3 are good too! and actually another one I came across is rep3 ( which imo nails gamification, which is perfect for the loyalty program

re snapshot, i don’t think it’s necessary as we can run with this stuff off-chain and it would be part of our marketing efforts anyway :slight_smile: and with regards to cooperation, i think we defo need to explore it. EigenLayer would be cool indeed