StakeWise Labs


Name of the node operator: StakeWise Labs


StakeWise Discord Usernames: tsudmi, kiriyha, unxnn, Jstar, CAst, Mike

Location of headquarters: Tallinn / Estonia

Network: Ethereum, Gnosis Chain


First and only StakeWise operator for a year. Our setup is currently running on the Google Cloud Platform. We have developed and implemented a new approach to launching the validator infrastructure based on the use of Kubernetes and a set of Helm Charts implementing a reliable and uninterrupted operation of validators. We use 3 clusters distributed across different continents located in America, Europe, and Australia, and we also have an advanced monitoring and alerting system that allows us to always be aware of what is happening and respond to negative events before they occur :wink:


As always, we invite StakeWise DAO members, as well as the members of the existing node operator set, to share thoughts & comment on the operator CV.


Gnosis Chain allocations:

  1. StakeWise Labs: Allocate 1000 keys on the Gnosis Network
  2. StakeWise Labs: Allocate 4000 keys on the Gnosis Network
  3. StakeWise Labs: Allocate 5000 keys on the Gnosis Network

Ethereum Mainnet allocations:

  1. StakeWise Labs: Allocate 250 keys on the Ethereum Network
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Woo hoo! Excited to see GNO take off!

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