Staking support for zksync wallets

Currently staking on stakewise via works great for layer 1 wallets, however the gas fees can be prohibitive for wannabe stakewise stakers like myself who utilise the benefits of reduced gas from argent’s layer 2 zksync wallet for holding their balances, doing swaps, and even sometimes for the fiat-to-crypto onboarding ramp. It would be great to see stakewise’s support zksync, as well as the zksync ecosystem in general to support stakewise; such as a zigzag market maker, which is what argent uses for trading pairs.

Such support should increase demand for stakewise, as layer 1 peeps move to layer 2 for the benefits, and new users from layer 2 are onboarded.

From my further understanding, such would require zksync 2 to launch which supports smart contracts. Until then, layer 1 staking seems the only option — unless starknet does a wrapped token and offers it on zigzag, as wstETH does for Lido.