Staking with fiat money and my personal experience joining Stakewise

Hi everyone,

To increase the reach of our protocol to the public, I think it would be nice for users to join the pool using fiat money. Once sEth2 tokens become transferable, maybe we can list the token on central exchanges.

I would also like to share how I found about Stakewise and decided to join. I was researching how I can stake my ether on Ethereum website and saw the list of pools. Since I’m really appealed to the decentralized aspect of cryptocurrency, I naturally would like to join a decentralized project. What Stakewise stood out to me first is the simplistic yet clear design of the website. Documentation that clearly explains the design of the protocol increase my confidence in this project. Finally, @kiriyha and the community have been great to address questions and concerns on Discord. I’m really looking forward to the future growth of this amazing community!



That one also tipped my scale towards StakeWise. I was researching and everyybody pointed out to RP. But the Documentation and engagement made the difference.

Also, 200% in favor for an FIAT ramp. But i think that’s an tertiary goal.

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@ErnieH @George so glad you guys found us and became a part of the community and the DAO. I cannot wait to continue building StakeWise together with you - hell, we are already doing this in this thread!

I absolutely love the idea of a fiat on-ramp and even know that could help with a seamless integration of this functionality.

@tsudmi sir, could you look at this short doc and offer your opinion on the ease of integration?

I also think that we could combine the on-ramp with a referral program. By implementing referrals together with fiat on-ramp could open up StakeWise to the outside world and encourage wide sharing of the protocol with the relevant audience. What do you guys think?

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I found this article that goes through some of key considerations when choosing on-ramp providers.

And yes, I completely agree that a referral program would expand our reach. Reward can be like waiving some transection fees for example.

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Nice, I will give it a read. Thanks! Also, @tsudmi you might wanna look at this.

I think both a fiat on ramp and a modest referral program would both be worthwhile additions. Just depends what the team has time for, but good items for the wish list.

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