State of the StakeWise DAO

Dear StakeWise Community,

I can’t believe that it’s getting close to almost one year already that I have been staking my ETH on the StakeWise platform. I came in not knowing much about Ethereum and staking, but the crypto community and others like @kiriyha @tsudmi @Quick @cryptochrome @dreth @bZ1 on Discord and Telegram have been patient with me as I took baby steps to learn about how all of this works. To those named and whose names I may have missed - I have nothing but thanks and gratitude from the bottom of my heart - thank you.

Because of this gratitude and thankfulness, I thought about how I can contribute and pay back to the people of StakeWise and the platform that has helped me grow in my learning journey. So what I’m about to share is an attempt to help pay it forward to the StakeWise protocol…

As I explored the world of crypto, participating in other projects (e.g. ENS is one of my other favorites) and observing how teams work together and specifically learning how DAOs come together, challenges that a DAO may face and what services may need to be considered by a DAO to help ensure the success of a platform / protocol, (e.g. KPIs for StakeWise DAO Ecosystem) - with some encouragement from @kiriyha I started putting together a “State of the StakeWise DAO” paper that contains some of my thoughts on where the StakeWise DAO is doing well and what opportunities may exist for us as a DAO to further enhance the StakeWise platform / protocol.

So then, humbly, I have a favor to ask… I can’t do this alone. I know that there are minds greater than mine that can provide valuable input and observations that I can’t see or that I’m not aware of. To this point then, my ask is if you would be willing to go into the “State of the StakeWise DAO” document, read through this and share your thoughts via the comments capabilities of Google Docs. If you are able and willing to do this, thank you for your help.

To whet your appetite in what you about to read through - is a high level summary score on different functions of a DAO and where I believe the StakeWise DAO would score today - with the idea of helping us as a DAO to start identifying where we can make ourselves stronger.

Overall Summary of Scores

DAO Function Actual Score Possible Score
Token Services 11 15
Governance 19 20
Treasury Management 9 15
Risk Management 0 10
Growth 6 20
Community 11 25
Operations 3 15
Development 13 15
Overall StakeWise DAO score 72 135

You will see that Risk Management, Growth, Community and Operations may be among the first four areas that we as a DAO may want to spend some time in discussion to see if we can improve in these areas. Or, in this self-assessment journey together, we may end up discovering that the scores presented are not truly reflective of the current state - and that there may be different areas of the DAO that we need to focus on.

Whatever DAO initiatives we take on as a result of this, I look forward to the members of the StakeWise DAO coming together and making the StakeWise protocol even better and stronger than it is today.

Thank you again for taking the time to read through this and providing feedback (both positive and constructive).

To StakeWise! Eat Steak and Be Wise.

From your fellow community member,

Brian Childers


Appreciate this effort @brianchilders. You are one of the most active members of this community, always looking to add value. Albeit I have not been as active, I will have a look at your document, and see where I may be able to contribute. Looking forward to the read!


Thank you for a great analysis @brianchilders ! As discussed elsewhere with you, I think this doc is helpful for identifying improvement areas. In my opinion, we can utilise the findings of this doc to set some tasks for SWAT - ie work on the priority areas if they are believed to increase engagement. Of course, I’d want the Bureau to read this doc thoroughly and come to their own conclusions, but as a DAO member I’d be pushing for using this as much as possible.

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