[SWIP-11] Onboard VeriHash as a community Oracle

VeriHash desires to get further involved in the Stakewise ecosystem through the running of a oracle node for the stakewise platform. A diverse set of oracle node operators helps ensure platform availability and resiliency against oracle failure.

The oracle will be hosted with the same HA infrastructure deployment that Verihash intends to provide for validation services.

However, to isolate concerns between oracle and validation operations the compute layers will be isolated at the node level and the validators will be namespace isolated at the cluster level.

The only shared services, which are accessed via internal cluster network calls will be the the execution (eth1) and consensus (eth2) layer clients.

The infrastructure is setup as follows:
HA Execution Layer clients targeting non-super majority client mix
HA Beacon layer clients targeting non-super majority client mix
Resilient compute layer for oracle workload hosting
OS and cluster level patching is automated
No SSH deployed, bastion only access to cluster nodes
2FA enforcement on remote access and cloud accounts
Elastic CPU, MEM, Storage to accommodate growth needs for oracles over time

VeriHash intends to provide oracle services for the present ethereum mainnet and gnosis mainnet chains.

VeriHash proposes the following specification be executed to modify the oracle contract in order to add VeriHash to the list authorized oracles allowed to submit votes for distributor, total reward and validators.


  • DAO calls addOracle function of Oracle contract with the following parameter:
    • account: 0xE11E57383312BE71B0589e1a3529FeC2A524975C

A poll is being done here first to gauge community support before calling for a snapshot vote.

Should the StakeWise DAO onboard VeriHash as an Oracle Node Operator on the Ethereum and Gnosis networks?
  • Yes

  • No

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As always, we invite StakeWise DAO members to share thoughts & comment on the proposal.


Interested in having a conversation in layman’s terms before i vote my (basically nothing) amount of swise towards a decision <3 It sounds fun and efficient though, and in the interests of continued independent control of assets… I’ve kind of always been laying in wait to see how Stakewise as a platform would conform to mounting regulatory pressures from larger players in staking trying to shoulder their way into firm standing within the Ethereum ecosystem’s highest pay structure… I greatly appreciate the continued growth and support of the devs, ops and community.

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