[SWIP-13] Rotate StakeWise DAO multisig signers


The development team is proposing to rotate individuals in the StakeWise DAO multisig to improve the security of DAO Treasury & follow the best security practices.


As stated in our documentation, the DAO Treasury is a Gnosis Safe with 7 multisig signers whose role is to block malicious DAO proposals from passing. This includes any proposal that would cause a misallocation of Treasury funds or adverse changes in the protocol parameters that was not discussed by the community, was not submitted in good faith or has been submitted covertly (e.g. engaging directly with the smart contract and bypassing the Snapshot so the community has limited chance to see it). The multisig signers are a mix of parties directly involved in the StakeWise DAO as well as some individuals that are independent from the protocol but stand for the best interest of the Ethereum ecosystem and thus StakeWise. The list of current members & their wallet addresses can be found here.

To prevent complacency & improve the response time, multisig signers need to be periodically rotated, which is something this proposal aims to do. It’s been a little over a year since the last roster was assembled and it would be prudent to refresh it. The handover process would require a DAO vote.


Remove the following wallets from the multisig:

  • 0x648aA14e4424e0825A5cE739C8C68610e143FB79 (Anthony Sassano)
  • 0x152E9Af50257Fc12a84Bb47241cc0bd01ECD2ac1 (Jascha Samadi)
  • 0xA2E49855d672C3258A8442FA15F9Bc28f5A55980 (Miko Matsumura)

Replace them with the following wallets:

  • 0xC46e791d4fB1207fAB8Cb0e44889127138539c69 (Gleb Dudka)
  • 0xc0c9707B552C6970f66Ab91D563Bf9b6048E9da6 (Andreas Dittrich)
  • 0x7E36F1fF26cffD6906c11Cd7Eca5f6E993Ba6CE3 (Ali Nuraldin)

If the vote is successful, the final composition of the multisig will be:

  • Dmitri Tsumak
  • Otto de Voogd
  • Auryn Macmillan
  • Mikko Ohtamaa
  • Gleb Dudka
  • Andreas Dittrich
  • Ali Nuraldin

Note that the new individuals proposed for the multisig have been vetted by the team and are believed to be a strong pick.

Discussion & vote

We ask for your support in this proposal & seek to implement the changes asap to improve the security profile of our DAO Treasury.

Voting is now live on this Snapshot.



If you came to this page, and found that @kiriyha 's link isn’t working - it’s due to custom domains not working on snapshot.org - use this link instead.

StakeWise proposal: [SWIP-13] Rotate StakeWise DAO multisig signers (snapshot.org)

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