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T-Systems MMS Node Operator Forum Post


Name of the node operator: T-Systems MMS

Location of headquarters: Dresden

Network: Ethereum; Gnosis Chain

Revenue share percentage requested: 50.00%


About T-Systems MMS: T-Systems MMS is the digitalization and innovation company within the Deutsche Telekom AG – Europe’s largest telecommunications company by revenue with annual revenues of EUR 101 billion (2020). The parent company is also very successful in the US with its T-Mobile brand and employs over 223,000 people worldwide. Based inside T-Systems MMS is the Blockchain Solutions Center (BCSC), which has been active since 2020 as an infrastructure provider for different public blockchain networks. Starting with Chainlink, the BCSC is now also live on Flow, Celo, and Polkadot. In addition to providing infrastructure for public networks, Deutsche Telekom is investing in them as well – with recent investments in Celo and Polkadot.

The Team: Our team consists of blockchain enthusiasts and as those we believe that this technology will make the world a better place, at least a tiny bit. Ethereum for most of us is the dominant layer1 platform when it comes to decentralization, adoption, usage, community and development. We simply believe in Ethereum and we want to support that vision. And we spent the last years bringing the behemoth that is Deutsche Telekom in line with this vision.

Public Blockchain Infrastructure and Institutional Adoption: Over the last years we have built a well functioning infrastructure service for Proof of Stake based blockchain networks, occupying a pioneer role when it comes to institutional adoption. Being aware of the responsibility of paving the way for others to follow, supporting liquid staking solutions is crucial. Under the scope of the emerging DeFi ecosystem, liquid staking offers many new possibilities and is an important building block for current and future DeFi applications. Therefore, we strongly align with the StakeWise vision and cannot wait to support the protocol from infrastructure side. Lastly, our investment in $Swise will enable us to additionally support from governance side.


As always, we invite StakeWise DAO members as well as the members of the existing node operator set to share thoughts & comment on the operator CV.


This is big. I worked for T-Systems and I can attest to their professionalism. I hope everyone here realizes what this partnership means for StakeWise. You can’t get any better praise than a huge, global enterprise such as Telekom / T-Mobile getting on board.



Pool staking will be some kind of bond crafted using ether, and stakewise will be one of entity of its issuer. Quality and price will be measured by reliability of node operations and risk of exploit.

This partnership will contribute to increase stakewise reliability, while T-Systems will get appraisal of having challenging spirits in a traditional reliable industries.

This will be appealing for even people with no knowledge of crypto.
Let’s go!


Looking forward to seeing the recorded live demo! :slight_smile:


The Node Operator Onboarding Call with the T-Systems team happened on Friday, September 24th. The recording of the call is available here: Blurred_T-Systems MMS_NOC.avi - Google Drive

Based on the demonstration and description of T-Systems’ capabilities & processes, StakeWise team would recommend the StakeWise DAO to approve their request of hosting 250 keys on Ethereum Mainnet.