Think just got robbed of my Staked ETH

Entered the site and was going to connect my wallet, next to connect waller there was a button that said “Claim rETH drop” or something like that.

Now my Staked ETH does not appear in my account, it does appear on my portafolio (metamask portafolio) but not on the metamaks browser extension itself.

what happened ?

Hi @Jose_Arellano
This might be a brower issue if your staked Eth still shows on your portfolio. I advise you clear your cache and restart your browser. You can also revoke all connected websites to your metamak wallet using if you fear your wallet has been compromised.

Not a browser issue.

Now my portafolio appears empty as well. think i fell in a scam, all my sETH is gone is there anything i can do about it ?

Used the app, my wallet has an Authorized spender that is flagged as a Pishing scam, but i cant revoke it because my wallet has no funds

I am very sorry to hear this, but it seems like it’s irreversible :frowning: Approving spending for a malicious contract is always guaranteed to leave your account drained by the exploiter. I am super sorry to say this but there is nothing StakeWise or anyone else can do