Validation Capital

Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I work at Validation Capital (soon to be rebranding to Validation Cloud) and we would like to formally apply to become a node operator for StakeWise. Please find the information about our team and why we would like to join the pool below.


Name of the node operator: Validation Capital (Validation Cloud)
Location of headquarters: Switzerland
Network: Ethereum; Gnosis Chain
Revenue share percentage requested: 50.00%


Validation Capital is a premier institutional infrastructure provider that offers secure node & staking-as-a-service. We were founded in 2017 and have been operating in proof-of-stake infrastructure since the inception of the industry. Validation Capital is currently a team of 17 employees and we support 15+ networks. Our team has a reputation for being a trusted partner for emerging networks, often times joining in the early days of the testnet. Lastly we have a world-class engineering team that maintains a 99.9% uptime through our global team’s proprietary infrastructure automation and monitoring.

In the recent months we have expanded our efforts in staking-as-a-service and are starting to partner with institutions who are interested in delegating to us to utilize our validator nodes. As one of the earliest participants in proof of stake infrastructure we are keen on joining the StakeWise pool to help people contribute to the watershed moment of Ethereum transitioning to proof of stake.


Thank you and we look forward to speaking with the community as we begin the application process!

Chris Matturri
[email protected]

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Thank you for considering to provide node operator service for the StakeWise ecosystem. We look forward to the interviews that you complete with the team!