VeriHash testnet node operator proposal [January 2022]

Our goal is to propose for mainnet after a trial and proof period on the testnet. We would love the opportunity to participate and are eager to answer any questions.

We bring with us a total of 25+ years of experience running various infrastructure deployments from startups, to Fortune 500, to architecting and integrating infrastructure and processing capabilities for $800MM US Fed Gov contracts; We know we can bring the same level of rigor to helping secure and diversify the stakewise platform.

He have deep experience running different compute orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes, and pride ourselves on running efficient, secure, and high available systems.

We have launched a new entity as of today,, to focus on the specific needs of the crypto ecosystem in regards to the infrastructure that makes it all possible.

Our testnet proposal, and potential mainnet proposal, will be hosted in AWS as we carry deep experience within the AWS platform both in regards to certifications but also working experience having managed everything from greenfield to large datacenter migrations to AWS from on-prem deployments.

We again look forward to questions in this thread, and/or please feel free to reach out to [email protected], on the Stakewise discord (beegmon/dnlglsn) as we are excited and happy to chat further.

Entity: — This is a new domain so content will be up here shortly but we didn’t want to wait for that to get a test net proposal up.

Infrastructure Setup:

  • Location - Oregon, USA
  • 3 DCs (AWS 3 AZ deployment)
  • Networking - Redundant ISP links per DC (100+ GBPS per link)
    - 10GBPS per cluster compute workload node
  • Kubernetes Management/Compute nodes distributed across DCs for availability
  • Isolated Resources for Kubernetes Management/API Plane and Compute/Pod workloads
  • Workload compute nodes specialized minimal OS to reduce footprint
  • At rest encryption of PV volumes


  • DAO calls addOperator function of PoolValidators contract with the following parameters:

    • operator: 0x5b0DF4Ab7905F7e5098865900819188fA153dD0D
    • depositDataMerkleRoot: 0x92197c5aeab4aed6f9e7e6231fae98c86725427c8946124245bb0ab52e1d1563
    • depositDataMerkleProofs: /ipfs/QmcePpF3jBBTvoRSrCvBnWHMefp3Vn3fYvmF1VPB3sDtYx
  • DAO calls setOperator function of Roles contract with the following parameters:

    • account: 0x5b0DF4Ab7905F7e5098865900819188fA153dD0D
    • revenueShare: 5000
  • If the proposal will be approved, the operator must perform the following steps:

    • Call operator-cli sync-vault with the same mnemonic as used for generating the proposal
    • Create or update validators and make sure the new keys are added
    • Call commitOperator from the 0x5b0DF4Ab7905F7e5098865900819188fA153dD0D address

Hi @bgraham-vh ,

Great to hear that you guys are interested in joining testnet. I’ve added your operator to the set on testnet. You can now proceed to syncing the vault.

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We have been doing failure testing on the cluster last week and over the weekend to gain familiarity with this particular setup/construction.

Once we complete that activity, most likely in the next 24hrs or so, we will begin operations on the testnet

Thanks again!


Looking forward to seeing your testnet work! :slight_smile:

Hi @bgraham-vh - can you comment on the distribution of clients that you plan on running? E.g. Prysm vs Lighthouse vs. Teku?

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For the moment we are running the defaults from the operator helm chart. These defaults are 3 prysm and 1 lighthouse for beacon clients, prysm validators, and geth for eth1.

As we get a better handle on different trade offs we intend on exploring client diversity further.

We are also very interested in exploring hardware diversity and have an eye toward a longer term goal of exploring ARM hardware for some components of the infra.

Our goal is to be as diverse as operationally (simplicity is still king when it comes to reliability and repeatability) and economically as possible as it brings with it benefits not only to the ecosystem as a whole but to the infra we run from an availability and security standpoint.

3 Likes is now live with with some minimal content.


Goerli Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan – commitOperator complete

We are including the following graffiti in the blocks we propose – VeriHash - TestNet - Ljz2cF6EqmyUP7vZFrLIEx9IGkfLVzrlVhUz2nPw==

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thanks for your response :slight_smile:

Nice! Going to check it out!