Welcome to the StakeWise Community Forum

Welcome to the StakeWise Community Governance Forum. We are thrilled that you’ve made it!

Before you dive into the rabbithole of StakeWise, here is something that you need to know:

Who is this forum for?

Anyone who has even the slightest interest in StakeWise and its success. These are mostly users like you and me, but also ecosystem partners, node operators, oracles, blockchain enthusiasts, and other folks who happen to participate. Each of us has their own perspective, and it’s the winning combination of POVs that makes StakeWise great. Let’s respect each others’ opinion and remain civil at all times.

What type of discussions take place here?

Anything connected to StakeWise deserves a discussion on here. Share your ideas, proposals and feedback, and vote on getting changes implemented on the protocol level. Nothing is out of scope - if you feel that something is important, bring it up in the relevant category!

How to choose a relevant category?

There are four categories of topics to begin with:

  • The Proposals section is reserved for well-formulated propositions (SWIPs) to modify or implement something new for the StakeWise Protocol.
  • The Ideas section is for the initial thoughts on potential changes that require refinement and input from others.
  • The Ecosystem section is a place for discussing and ideating on the protocol’s interactions with the outside world e.g. grants, integrations, partnerships etc.
  • If you are unsure where to post or the subject doesn’t fall into the other categories, then the General Discussion section is a good place to start.

Are there any rules for posting?

There are no restrictions or rules except those listed within their respective categories. Please be nice and read them before posting.

Also consider familiarizing yourself with the StakeWise DAO governance process or submit thoughts on its structure in the relevant thread :slight_smile:

… and that’s it.

Let’s get to governing StakeWise, together!