What are the steps to unstake?

Hey guys, can someone point me to an article explaining the steps to unstake?

I started the process over a week ago, and it said it would take a few days. I log back in today and don’t see any notifications on the progress of my unstake, and it hasn’t arrived back into my metamask wallet yet.

Thanks for the direction and insights guys!


Same issue here: unstaked 8 days ago. ETH still not on my Ledger and logging into Stakewise show no trave of my unstaking transaction and process.

Feels a bit scary truthfully.

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couldn’t agree more. it’s amazing to me the amount of money pouring into these companies, and the fact that they don’t have a support team, phone numbers, or anyway to find out information…you would think they would put a few of their profits into creating a structurally sound business that actually supports and informs the people giving them ungodly sums of money.

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okay folks, respectfully, the forum is not the support channel - we have telegram, X, and discord for that. we also have an email - all of this information is on the main landing page i.e. https://stakewise.io.

seems like us not being active on the forum gives the impression that our support team is not active. however, I personally help numerous people a day whenever they ask us questions in the channels that are intended for receiving support - they are mentioned above. and we go above and beyond to explain and guide folks - see our documentation and guides for the opportunities available to osETH holders in DeFi.

finally, to the “unstaking” issue - again, I believe everything is addressed and visible in the StakeWise interface and on etherscan. there is no way technically to track the length of withdrawal from the network, so we provide an estimate (“up to 10 days”) and explain the unstaking process in our documentation. while we’d be happy to improve on the current process, there is no way we can currently do so. if / once it changes, we will certainly add a tracker.

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