Where would staking rewards for sETH2 in sETH2/ETH pool go?

I’m new to StakeWise and perhaps missing a bit of documentation where this is explained, so would appreciate any guidance.

I staked some ETH and got sETH2. Then I went ahead and contributed all that sETH2 plus some more ETH to the sETH2/ETH liquidity pool. I was under impression that sETH2 in the liquidity pool would still attracts the staking rewards in the form of rETH2, but I’m not sure I understand where the rewards will go. I am no longer able to see my staking position in the Staking dashboard, which is understandable, as my sETH2 is now in the liquidity pool. I wanted to doublecheck if I understood this correctly and that I will still earn rETH2 for the sETH2 in the pool? If yes, how would that reward manifest itself? Will there be balance of rETH2 accruing even though the dashboard doesn’t show I am staking anything?

Would appreciate a clarification. Thanks!

Feel free to ask for help on the Discord channel - however, what do you see when you go to this link:

Farms | StakeWise

You should see participating in the ETH - sETH2 pool - like I have for the SWISE - sETH2 pool.

What do you see?


I can see that I’m participating in the ETH-sETH2 pool. I am just struggling to understand how would the staking reward accrue to me if I have all my sETH2 in the liquidity pool. How does the protocol know it’s me, does it track the ownership of the Uniswap position when distributing rewards?

Yes, it tracks the ownership of your sETH2 in the Liquidity Pool.

What you can do then is click on the “Your Stats” button


This is a brief summary of what you will get.


Then hover over the two areas, “Trading Fees” and “Rewards”


In the “Trading Fees” section - these are the fees that Uniswap awards you for providing Liquidity - so as people trade between ETH to SETH2 … or SETH2 to ETH - this is the fraction of rewards that you get from Uniswap.

You earn ETH or SETH2 depending on which direction the trade is going.

In the “Rewards” section, you will earn SWISE as an “additional” incentive (this is what the DAO votes on every month - to provide incentives for liquidity providers to pool their capital). And then you earn the rETH2 for the amount of sETH2 you have in the pool. This amount of rETH2 is what would normally show up in the Staking section, but because you are now providing liquidity, it shows up on the Farming page. When you “claim” your rewards, the rETH2 will show up on the Staking page (and disappear from the Farming page).

Hope this makes sense.



Don’t forget to “hover” your mouse (or click if mobile device) over each section (“Trading Fees” / “Rewards”) to get the “pop up” of rewards being earned.

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Thank you @brianchilders – great explanation and I now see how it all fits together