Withdraw / redeem of sETH to ETH from stakewise

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if there will the feature of being able to do a 1:1 redemption of sETH to ETH.

I know that you can use sETH/ETH pool to convert but the price is not exactly 1:1 and it could be nice to be able to have a 1:1 redemption.

I think I read somewhere that it is planned but I’m unsure when. I understand that an exact date is impossible but are we talking about next week ? next month? during the year ? later ?

Thank you !


I have the same question. When will unstaking be possible via stakewise?

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+1 - unstaking has been available for a while now, so why isn’t it available to StakeWise holders? I really hope our ETH isn’t lost here, but it’s very sketchy that we don’t have the ability to withdraw or a clear timeline for it.

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folks native unstaking is coming with the StakeWise V3 upgrade - while the liquidity pools work as intended we lean on your patience until we get the upgrade shipped. we have mentioned this before (including here) so I hope this will no longer seem sketchy.

re ETH “being lost” - all the deposited ETH is in the validators which are publicly tracked by services like rated.network and beaconcha.in. thus I urge you to check out their websites to see for yourself that these validators are active, which means that ETH is being used for staking.

as for the ability to withdraw, all validators are running with an ETH1 address (a DAO-controlled smart contract) as withdrawal address, to ensure the service is non-custodial.

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Thank you for the reply! The v3 announcement was not clear on that point (at least for me).

That’s great news! Looking forward to it. Keep up the good work!

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Just a lost point on the article that is linked when you go to the app (StakeWise V3 Announcement. As an active staking ecosystem… | by StakeWise | Medium) It’s all great but the scheduled release date, based on the article, is late 2022. I think we can all agree that we’re pass that time :slight_smile: So my question is: What is the new scheduled release date ? And may I suggest you modify the article? :slight_smile:

Good luck with everything

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Ehh that’s a fair point - I will update to reflect the latest timeline being August 2023. Thank you for your keen eye!

Do we have an updated timeline since August has passed and V3 isn’t released?


Hi Kirill, what is the new timeline for availability of unstaking? Not that I plan on it right away just would be nice to know that it is available. Thanks,

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hey @Valera_Shifrin @srialmaster no hard date but watch the forums in the next few days :slight_smile:

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