StakeWise V3 Liquidity - SLC Members

The proposed StakeWise Liquidity Committee (SLC) will help StakeWise DAO optimize its liquidity strategy across the protocol’s tokens, efficiently deploy liquidity incentives, and monitor the effectiveness of these liquidity strategies. The SLC must have the right members if it is to be effective in achieving its mandate. The next stage is for the DAO to provide feedback on the proposed members of the SLC ahead of a DAO vote to determine whether it is implemented.

Liquidity Committee Members

The proposed SLC consists of 8 members in total, 3 core team members and 5 community members. It is vital that the SLC’s community members are experts in liquidity and up to date on all the latest liquidity trends. StakeWise has been fortunate to have such experts assist with the initial liquidity strategies of osETH and SWISE ready for the launch of StakeWise V3 and the core team would propose that these individuals take up positions on the SLC to formalize their role within the DAO. The proposed members are:

  1. Figue, Founder of Paladin (@Figue_me) - Paladin is a marketplace for DeFi voting with a focus on the Curve and Balancer ecosystems. There is no one better to help StakeWise DAO navigate the intricacies of these marketplaces and establish connections with large vote holders to help optimize the allocation of capital across the voting ecosystems.

  2. Archer, Strategy at Tokemak (@Archer_MD_) - Tokemak is a decentralized market-making protocol for creating sustainable DeFi liquidity, with a specific focus on the allocation of capital provisions for liquid staking protocols. As a strategist at Tokemak, Archer has the insight and expertise to help shape StakeWise’s liquidity on both Mainnet and L2s.

  3. Matthew Graham, Head of DeFi at Llama and Founder of TokenLogic (@Matthew_Graham_) - Llama works with leading DAOs, such as Aave and Maker, on their treasury and liquidity management. TokenLogic specializes in data analytics, with a focus on DAO liquidity, alongside treasury management and financial reporting. Matthew and his team at TokenLogic recently designed Aave’s liquidity strategy for its new stablecoin, GHO, and would bring a wealth of experience in liquidity strategy design and liquidity analytics to StakeWise DAO.

  4. Rhett Shipp, Founder of Gravita (@RhettShipp) - Rhett is embedded in the DeFi building community and a thought leader in protocol design, including protocol liquidity. Rhett also manages capital for liquid DeFi funds and consequently has a deep knowledge of DeFi’s liquidity ecosystems.

  5. 0xWenMoon, Treasury Manager of Umami (@0xWenMoon) - WenMoon is a pioneer in the liquidity space, a superuser of AMMs, and actively manages the protocol-owned liquidity of Umami Finance. They are also an advisor for multiple liquidity-related projects, such as Camelot AMM where they assist in treasury deployment and AMM design. 0xWenMoon knows AMMs and their intricacies inside out on Mainnet and L2s.

Each one of these members has been instrumental to the design of the SWISE and osETH liquidity strategies and have expressed a desire to continue this work as formal members of the DAO’s SLC. As well as monthly liquidity reports, the SLC will also provide a quarterly report on the activity of its members and provide a route to replace members due to a lack of participation should the need arise.

Joining the community members within the SLC will be Dmitri (@tsudmi ), Kirill (@kiriyha ), and Jordan (@Jstar ) from the core team at StakeWise.

Please take the time to review the proposed member list and ask any clarifying questions on the SLC structure or its proposed members.


Hello everyone! I’ve been chatting with Jordan about liquidity optimization for close to a year and look forward to contribute more extensively to this topic.

Feel free to tag me if you have any questions.

Cheers =)


Hi, I’m Archer, and I’m happy to be part of the proposed SLC! Over the last year, I’ve been focused on ETH LST liquidity due to the upcoming launch of Tokemak v2. With that in mind, I’m looking forward to contributing to Stakewise’s liquidity strategies and expanding its market share.

Feel free to ping me any time here or on Twitter @Archer_MD_


Hey everyone. I’m 0xWenMoon the Treasury Manager of Umami Finance and have been a part of the Stakewise DAO as a token holder for over a year now. At Umami, I help primarily to manage the DAOs POL, where with just under 4m$ in capital we have successfully and efficiently provided deep and sustainable liquidity for the DAO using univ3 and many of our partners.

As a result, I’ve always been very interested in how Stakewise can make its Liquidity Provision most effective. Too often we see DAOs wasting emissions, or on the opposite-side having too illiquid tokens. My goal is to help get SWISE on the path to sustainability in its emissions, by pushing for the most effective Liquidity Provision Strategy possible!

I’m excited to help any way I can, and answer any questions the DAO may have. Feel free to ping me on Twitter too @0xWenMoon


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the nomination @Jstar. I look forward to contributing to Stakewise’s liquidity strategies. I am a big fan of LST diversity and helping DAO manage their finances sustainably.

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