[SWIP-10] Onboard CryptoManufaktur as Node Operator in StakeWise with 250 keys on the Ethereum Network

CryptoManufaktur: Allocate 250 keys on the Ethereum Network


Operator description: CryptoManufaktur
Servers geographical location: The infrastructure is located in AWS ap-southeast-2 (Sydney, Australia) for the validator client in Kubernetes as well as “Servers Australia” baremetal, Sydney-1, Sydney-2 and Melborune for the Ethereum EL and CL clients (Execution Layer and Consensus Layer).
Consensus layer clients: Lighthouse, Nimbus, Teku
Execution layer clients: Erigon, Nethermind, Besu
Number of keys requested: 250 keys


  • DAO calls addOperator function of PoolValidators contract with the following parameters:

    • operator: 0x59eCf48345A221E0731E785ED79eD40d0A94E2A5
    • depositDataMerkleRoot: 0x0db476eee0db4f66a999a2b07217434fabce8c56e89f583a298c2485737853fc
    • depositDataMerkleProofs: /ipfs/QmRuCu8hLeCeVc1pUESnqmeYDCPdtWcN8vBZ9BkJw1CfN4
  • DAO calls setOperator function of Roles contract with the following parameters:

    • account: 0x59eCf48345A221E0731E785ED79eD40d0A94E2A5
    • revenueShare: 5000
  • If the proposal will be approved, the operator must perform the following steps:

    • Call operator-cli sync-vault or operator-cli sync-local with the same mnemonic as used for generating the proposal
    • Create or update validators and make sure the new keys are added
    • Call commitOperator from the 0x59eCf48345A221E0731E785ED79eD40d0A94E2A5 address

Share the encrypted validator key shares with the committee members through Telegram:

  • @kiriyha1: /home/mainnet/committee/kiriyha1-59ecf483-1.shard
  • @gleb0x: /home/mainnet/committee/gleb0x-59ecf483-1.shard
  • @ali_run: /home/mainnet/committee/ali_run-59ecf483-1.shard
  • @ottodv: /home/mainnet/committee/ottodv-59ecf483-1.shard
  • @tsudmi: /home/mainnet/committee/tsudmi-59ecf483-1.shard


! Please make sure to examine the operator overview here before voting!

Should the StakeWise DAO onboard CryptoManufaktur as Node Operator with 250 keys on the Ethereum network?
  • Yes
  • No

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As always, we invite StakeWise DAO members as well as the members of the existing node operator set to share thoughts & comment on the proposal.


Live Demo is available in Google Drive here

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Let’s do this! Looking forward to CryptoManufaktur being a node operator! Eat steak be wise!