Name of the node operator: CryptoManufaktur -
Location of headquarters: Massachusetts, USA
Network: Ethereum, Gnosis Chain
Revenue share percentage requested: 50.00%


CryptoManufaktur has been active in the Ethereum staking ecosystem since mid-2020. We maintain the eth-docker tooling, are part of the RocketPool oDAO and the Blox SSV multi-sig,

and are part of the ethstaker team. You may have seen the founder on Discord as “Yorick Downe”.

We are active on the Stakewise Prater testnet since December 2021.

We are a Chainlink node operator, currently active on 8 chains including Ethereum mainnet and Optimism.

Gnosis, né xDai, is a great addition to the Ethereum ecosystem. Among other use cases, it can be used to trial ideas before they come to mainnet, while having real-world economic incentives.

Helping to secure this chain fits neatly into our ongoing interest in all things Ethereum staking.

We build our infrastructure with security and resilience as key principles. Seeds are kept in steel cold storage, in a safe. All access to the infrastructure is secured by two-factor authentication (2FA),

and only allowed from a PAW, “Privileged Access Workstation”. The PAW is used only for infrastructure access and not for email and browsing, to add an additional layer of protection against phishing. The Gnosis validator client runs using Stakewise’s standard Kubernetes deployment scripts, with keys kept encrypted in a Hashicorp Vault. Communication between the validator client and the consensus client is firewalled and TLS encrypted.

The infrastructure is located in AWS us-east-2 for the validator client in Kubernetes as well as OVH baremetal, US East, US West and Canada East for the Gnosis EL and CL clients (Execution Layer and

Consensus Layer).

We care about client diversity and are running a mix of CL:EL clients, currently Lighthouse/Nethermind, Nimbus/OpenEthereum and Prysm/Nethermind.


As always, we invite StakeWise DAO members as well as the members of the existing node operator set to share thoughts & comment on the operator CV.


Live Demo is available in Google Drive here

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Gnosis Chain allocations:

  1. CryptoManufaktur: Allocate 1,000 keys on the Gnosis Chain Network
  2. CryptoManufaktur: Allocate an additional 4,000 keys on the Gnosis Chain Network
  3. CryptoManufaktur: Allocate 5,000 keys on Gnosis Network

Mainnet Allocations:

  1. [SWIP-10] Onboard CryptoManufaktur as Node Operator in StakeWise with 250 keys on the Ethereum Network
  2. CryptoManufaktur: Allocate 800 keys on Ethereum mainnet
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Thank you for offering to be a node operator! Let’s gooooooooo :slight_smile:

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Addendum: Our architecture has changed slightly in response to lessons learned on Gnosis chain, specifically around performance of sync committees.

We are now using a CloudFlare load balancer to distribute traffic among consensus clients from the validator clients, instead of having all validator clients do their own active/passive/passive failover. The load balancer is restricted to traffic sourced from the Kubernetes cluster that runs the validator clients.